We believe that there are no experts in blockchain. Yet, we constantly strive to evolve and adapt to the forefront of the swiftly advancing global, 24/7 DLT industry and we’re happy to share our learnings with the broader ecosystem.

ONETHER.DIGITAL is here to help you sharpen your understanding and navigational skills of areas tackling with:

  • DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, Gamification, Metaverse UX & UI.
  • Tokenomics, Token Standards & other EIPs, Syntetic Tokens, and Cross-chain Bridges.
  • Smart Contract logic research & possible use-cases.
  • Compliance, Legal, Audits, and Jurisdictional Advice.
  • Branding, Messaging, and Communication Strategy Research.
  • Corporate Affairs, PR, Marketing Advice & Networking.
  • Global Outsourcing, Talent Acquisition, HR.

Research & Development

Overcoming new and unexpected challenges can be frustrating. ONETHER.DIGITAL does not just build things; we stand for transferring knowledge to empower a better understanding of what we are building.

Regardless of the size of your project/company, we offer our in-house R&D department to clients that are looking to set up agile and compentent operations. We devise future-proof custom solutions to your business model and ensure cutting-edge digital technologies are perfectly integrated into your business model.


We stand for decentralization, and so are our human resources.

ONETHER.DIGITAL is able to provide you with access to hundreds of developers and freelancers from all continents. With a large array of skillsets, languages, and specializations we are able to help you fill in any role in your organization.


ONETHER.DIGITAL offers seasoned guidance and advice aiming to achieve an optimal codebase and tech-stack, that can endure modern risks, while being agile and upgradable to resonate with future system updates.

Our team can help you with:

  • Risk & Vulnerability assessment.
  • Penetration Testing.
  • Data leak detection
  • Brand Protection
  • Full-Scope Smart Contract Audits (line-by-line with commentary)
  • Decentralized Insurances (coming soon)


Whether you’re entirely walking on Web3 sand or you have a traditional legal entity that interacts with Web3 services such as DeFi, you should stay ahead of the trending curve when it comes to regulatory & legal frameworks that might endanger or affect your business model.

ONETHER.DIGITAL is rooted within the European regulatory landscape and thanks to our worldwide partners we are able to keep up with global trends to ensure clarity in a 360° fashion. By choosing your operational jurisdiction wisely and accurately, based on Web3 elements you’re utilizing and/or offering, will save you time and money.

Analytics & Forensics

Transformation starts with data analysis and this is what ONETHER.DIGITAL is here to help you with. Our forensics team comprises of web2 and web3 data experts trained to spot every single valuable piece of intel on and off-chain.

From wallet labeling to dark web analysis, from connection analysis to taxation software, from digital footprint tracing to personalized insights and infographics, ONETHER.DIGITAL will empower you with a better understanding of your own contracts and business model. This translates to more concrete and calculated decision making & more revenue for your company.


From branding, to messaging and communication strategies, ONETHER.DIGITAL has always been at the edge of Web3 Marketing since day 0. We can help you find the right words to tell your story, describe what you're building using common linguistics, while ensuring it reaches the right audience.

PR & marketing, advisory & networking, full-stack development, design, and typography (white papers, custom legal agreements, and other documents) are some of the services you might find handy.

Corporate Affairs

Finding the right partners, connecting with them, sharing a vision and work towards a joint effort can be harder than what you have initially considered. You are not alone, ONETHER.DIGITAL is here to help you.


Although ONETHER.DIGITAL is not an investment firm, many of our core partners are actively investing in Web3 projects. Years of experience & connections in the sector have granted us a curated list of investors focussing on Industry 4.0 covering DLTs & Blockchain, AI & IoT, 5G & Telco, XR & BMI, Bioinformatics & Genetic Engineering, and much more.

At ONETHER.DIGITAL we envision a world based on DLT technologies but know the amount of resouces needed to enter the sector & make a difference. Hence, we enable you with the ability to receive funding and be able to enter the web3 world and all of its revenue streams.

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